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Dani Garfield interchapter.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 11:34:16 EST 2012

Hey hey heyyyyyy brothaaaas!

I'm sending out an email to remind people that individual registration
forms for sectionals must be post marked by *MARCH 2ND* if you want the
lower payment rate! I emailed the form out to people who indicated interest
on the APO website, but I know some of you forgot so if you didn't get a
registration form and want one, let me know! If you are going to sectionals
*please sign up on the website!!!* I need to know who's going so we can get
together and work on the bid presentation. yaaaaay!

Also, I'm meeting with Dean Lombardi and Dr. Smith on *Wednesday, March 7th
from 2-2:30 pm*. If anyone is free and would like to come with me - let me
know. I need help because we'll be shooting a video to use in our bid and
it would be nice for someone to help tape while I'm helping them with the
script and what not. Also, as of now I'm planning on using my digital
camera and Windows Movie Maker to create this video, so if anyone has
better equipment and/or skillzzzz and wants to help out, that'd be awesome!

Okay, see you cool cats tonight at chaptaaaaa. Happy week 9! (Week 9!?!?!
omggg, it's almost spring quarter!)

in LFS,

Dani "that's why her hair's so big - it's full of secrets" Garfield
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