[Aphio-L] Hats for Heads!

Gebhardt, Marissa mg172009 at ohio.edu
Wed Feb 15 13:08:16 EST 2012

Hey errrybody,

So I just wanted to send an e-mail out about some things with Hats for Heads.

Since we only have 10 spots on the website, if you're not signed up online please don't come expecting to make a hat.  (If you want to just come and hang out with those making hats, feel free, but you won't get an hour for it.)  Feel free to bring your own loom if you have one, but we only have 10 looms as it is so they are reserved for the people who sign up on the website.  I know it fills up pretty quickly, but you'll just have to stalk the website like I did before I bought my own.  Also, if you do bring your own loom, please please please bring a hook for the loom as well.  We've been having an issue with running out of hooks lately and it's kind of inconvenient to make 2 people share one hook.

On the other hand, with donations:  we have SO MUCH yarn that we haven't even started using yet.  So if you would rather donate than knit, it would be marvelous if you would simply donate either $10 cash (to buy more looms) or a loom and a hook so that we can let more people come each week.  If you bought yarn to donate this week, that's fine, cause we'll eventually use it.

Thanks!  And if you're coming tonight, I'll see you there :)  Happy knitting!

Marissa Gebhardt
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