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Dani Garfield interchapter.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 10:13:09 EST 2012

I know there were some people who didn't sign up on the website under the
sectionals interest event, so if you are still interested (and haven't
signed up on the website) EMAIL ME! I want to book the hotel rooms this
week - also, remember, this is just to get an initial count so I don't book
a gajillion rooms or don't book nearly enough. I just don't want to get
closed out of rooms, we can always cancel if we have too many or whatnot.
So if you're even interested in coming..let me know! IT'S GONNA BE SO MUCH
FUN. Don't sit around on your couch for spring break..come to Miami ;)

Also Also, if there is anyone who is for sure planning on going to
sectionals that has a credit card and would be willing to use their card to
book the rooms (I don't think they charge you until we check out) can you
please let me know?! I'm super poor, so I can't. We could get you your
money back very quickly after check out! Email me if this is a possibility
and I'll talk to you further.

Thanks brosefs - happy week 7!

in LFS,

Dani "#meangirlmonday" Garfield
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