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Mon Apr 30 03:04:09 EDT 2012

Hey yallzz,

I know you are sick of emails from fellowship but there is just a lot of
fellowship stuff going on this week and this is mostly for the people who
were not at chapter because I will only say all this stuff twice (This
being the second time) : )

First things first (I'll eat yo brains) : *JERSEYSS -* We extended the sign
up to *Thursday (May 3)*! That is the absolute last day you can sign up to
buy a jersey! The jerseys are *$13*. We started collecting money for the
jerseys at chapter, I (Victoria) will be on *Baker First Floor tomorrow
from 1-3 *collecting money and then we will also be at *Execs at 10 in
Walter 235*! Please bring exact change or checks can be made out to 'Alpha
Phi Omega - Delta Gamma' Unfortunately I don't have the times for the rest
of the week but we will send those out once we figure out when we are free
this week. We will stop collecting money until next *Sunday (May 6)* so
last chance is to either bring it to Color Wars or Chapter. : ) If for some
legitimate reason you cannot pay by then, please email us ASAP!

*FIELD DAY (COLOR WARS)* : Sign ups for Color Wars will close and lock
May 2 *because we need to make the teams and get a count for the food.
Please sign up! I know some people saying they can't go because their moms
will still be here but it doesn't start till 1 and if there is a chance
that you can come late please sign because it will be fun and there will be
games and competition (meaning there will be a prize for the winning team!)
andpizza drinks & veggie plates for everyonee! : )

This is a lot so if you have any questions please email us!


Fellowship gals

*Victoria Vincent*
*vv246109 at Ohio.edu
*VP of Fellowship*
*Ashley Mullins*
*am232009 at ohio.edu*
*VP of Fellowship*
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