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Chapter Minutes 4/29/12


   - Two Communities, One Cause: Students of the Ohio University Community
   helping the Athens community. Food drive Athens County food pantry, Athens
   County Jobs and Family Services give free lunches in SEO and are in very
   short supply in the summer. To help bring non-perishable foods for service
   hours! 5 cans = 1 hour! Week of April 29th-May 6th. Bring food to 151 East
   State Street, College Bookstore Tuesday and Thursday 10-12 and Friday 12-3
   or there will be a box next week at chapter. Any questions talk to Jamie
   Perry 614-260-2159 jp240208 at ohio.edu


   - I love you all, A LOT! :) Thanks for being great bros :)
   - If you need anything (well mostly anything) just call, text, or email
   me! I wanna talk to you! 440-665-1019
   - If you don’t have your certificate or membership card go get them!
   - Were in the Torch and Trefoil for the Faculty Pageant! Woo Hoo


- Text 285120 then your message to 22333 New way to send suggestions!

   - Question of the week: What could be done to make families closer?


   - New Voting Method for Constitution Stuff: 2 index cards, 1 is Red (No)
   one is green (Yes) and one is white (abstain), hold up only 1 when we say
   to vote
   - Nominations: Inter-Chapter Relations (Fall-Fall), Relay (2-3), Youth
   Service (2)
   - Adding 2 Faculty Pageant chairs into the constitution- Voted: Yes
   - Adding Faculty Pageant information into constitution a Fall to Fall
   term- Voted: Yes
   - Changing 29 to 31 chairs, changing 3 J-Borad chairs to 2 and 2 Faculty
   Pageant chairs added - Voted: Yes
   - Nominations:
      - Inter-Chapter: (Fall to Fall) Mesha Baylis,
      - Relay: (2-3) Sarah Beyoglides
      - Youth Service: (2)
      - Faculty Pageant: (2) Rachel Levine


   - Kennedy Gallery Guard: They need more help!!! Shifts open all week
   now, contact us if you want to be trained.
   - Car-Fit: May 5th, help older adults make their car “fit” for them!
   Work with cute old people, can’t work the whole time? Sign up for part of
   the shift
   - Beacon Car Wash: Beacon Car Wash: May 5th, help Beacon students wash
   cars and raise money for preschool graduation and other activities.
   - Arts West Clothing Exchange: Give them your clothes, drop off at Arts
   West or at Jennifer Barstow’s place- 74 E State #7
   - WOUB Pledge Drive: May 9th, breakfast and lunch provided, shifts from
   - UCM Fundraising Dinner: May 11th, set up, serving, childcare, clean-up.
   - ACHS (Athens County Humane Society) Photos with Rufus: May 5th 2-4pm,
   help take people’s picture with Rufus in Baker, 2 people needed.
   - Dairy Barn Fest: May 5th Shifts from 10-5, help sell raffle tickets
   for ACHS
   - Wifflemania: May 5th, McCracken Fields, teams of 3-5 people $10 a
   person, free t-shirt, kisers (for real this time), Copperheads tickets,
   winner gets free 42 inch TV
   - Watermelon bust: May 20th 2pm, bring non-perishable food donations,
   compete in spirit, service, and game events, $100 per team ($10 a person)
   - Monday Lunch: They really need our help! 9-11 shifts- cooking and
   preparing food, 11-12- prepare salads 12-1- serve food, 1-2- clean up.
   Needs 8-10 people for this shift this week!
   - Rummage Sale Clean Up: Wednesday 4-5, 3-4 people
   - Calliope Childcare: Monday shifts will now last until 8:30. Need help:
   Wednesday May 2nd 6-8 Glidden Hall, Saturday May 5th 10-12, Wednesday May
   16th 6-8:30 Glidden Hall, Friday May 18th 5:20-8:00 Arts West
   - Research Expo: is this week!!! Don’t forget to attend if you signed up
   - Race for a Reason sign in, find me after chapter.
   - You can still sign up for GKTW money is also due!


   - Membership Picnic! May 20th at Strouds! There will be free canoes so
   why wouldn't you want to come?
   - Rush T-shirts: should be $10-15 depending on how many people order
   them, sign up online!
   - Binders send us your info! Binders.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com Name,
   Family, Major, Hometown, B-day, Picture, Email and year.


   - Movie Night & Card Making, Thursday 6pm, watch movies and make a
   welcome card for your mom! Room TBA
   - Field Day, May 6th Sunday 1-4, fun, games, food, competition!
   - Ninth Inning, May 9th, Pigskin 8-11, 18+, food fun baseball & prizes,
   - Membership/Fellowship Picnic! May 20
   - Jersey Money! Pay me, we are collecting tonight come find Victoria,
   will also be collecting tomorrow from 1-3 in baker, more times will be
   announced via email!
   - Fellowship Committee: committee meeting tomorrow in Walter at 9,
   please be there we will need a lot of help with field day stuff!


   - Luminary Sales: Giving away baked goods- try to advertise to people
   walking by. If you donate please bring it to Baker at 12pm on the days you
   signed up for- if you cant make it talk to jenn or sara
   - Letter Writing: May 1st 9pm  Grover W115
   - Bob Evans, May 2nd from 5pm-9pm, bring the coupon and help raise money
   for Relay :)
   - Mom’s Weekend: Misc Tabling for Luminaria, Tshirts, Baked Goods, Car
   mirror hears
   - Chippendales: please sign up were desperate for your bods!
   - Mom’s Weekend Schedule: Friday- 2-6: 4th floor baker misc tabling, 4-7
   college green gate misc tabling, Saturday 11-3 moms market at Ping tabling,
   12-4 4th floor baker misc tabling, 12-4 top of morton misc tabling, 5-3am
   court house misc tabling, 10pm-3am CHIPPENDALES at the courthouse, Sunday
   11-4 college gate misc tabling
   - Hour Opportunities: All next week- Paint the town purple, benefit
   concert, paint the wall, redbrick serving, and more! Baked Sale donations
   for mom’s weekend tshirt sales! Chippendale Flyering
   - Purple Hair Execs: Cody needs $60 more to do chippendales... he will
   also be selling lap dances for $5, come get em


   - Sunglasses are here! Will be handing them out tonight and tomorrow
   from 1-3, weeklies will be up after chapter


   - Bring your friends and mom to get ice cream this saturday anytime from
   3-4:15. We’ll be taking donations and selling ribbons
   - We need some donations for the ice cream social- you get a service
   - We still need lots more ice cream, oreos, cookies, water, whip cream,
   m&m’s, cups, bowls, ice cream scoopers, spoons, and cherries! Look for
   other details on the website! Drop off donations to one of us by wednesday!
   - Committee meeting this week, same time/same place!

Youth Service:

   - Boxtops! 10=1 hour, you can only do this once a quarter
   - Kidapalooza: Thursday May 10th, 2 shifts 10-12, 12-2, at Logan
   Vineyard Church, 1593 E Front Street, we need drivers, like kidsfest but
   with smaller children
   - Wheres the sign in for kidsfest?
   - Camp Quality: Training dates- must attend ONE June 9th or June 24th,
   Camp Dates- July 7th-14th (whole time for companions), more info- its free!
   Located in Akron, you can be a volunteer or a companions, join the FB
   group- Camp Quality 2012 (APHIO-Delta Gamma), Online Registration- Alden
   Room 318 Learning Lab A, Monday 8pm, Tuesday 8pm, Wednesday 8pm. What you
   need: Drivers License, Social Security Number, 3 references, their address,
   city, state, zip code, phone, and email (cannot be family) insurance card,
   $5 processing fee (debit/credit card )
   - Committee: Find me after chapter


   - Remind your seniors to send me their surveys.
   - Senior send off Tuesday 12-2 Baker 3rd Floor behind the escalators


   - Contact me!


   - Brother of the week is Melissa Pennington!
   - Need Press Release Help? Need your even promoted on social media?
   Contact me!


   - Happy Birthday to Melissa Petro!


   - Camp quality really needs boys!
   - Can pick up sunglasses at the library tonight or tomorrow at the front
   room from 2-3 from Krystan Krucki

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Secretary/Alpha Phi Omega Coed Service Fraternity/Chapter Delta Gamma
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