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Sat Apr 14 20:47:26 EDT 2012

Hey bros!

I just have a few quick things to say. First, please* check the website to
make sure your status is correct*. By this, I mean if you sent us an e-mail
saying you'd like to go early-alum, you should be early alum on the
website. Same goes for associate, etc. If this is not correct then please
send us an e-mail *ASAP* letting us know. This is very important for
finalizing committees.

Second, we need your *cumulative GPA*! It takes about 30 seconds to get and
reply to this e-mail, so please do it for us. This is the list of people we
are missing grades from:

Alison Styka Alyssa Pasicznyk Amie Davis
Andrew Scott
Anna Gebhardt Ashley Koenig
Brenden Robinson Bridget O’Brien Caleb Balduff
Cary Finton Cassie Hoose
colleen Hicks Courtney Cohen
Curran Rhodes Diego Paulett
Eve Mulach Grace Halloran
Gregory Brantmeier Hannah Fritts  Heather Davidson
Jessica Pettis Jordyn Riley  Justin Brown
Kacee Babinger Kate Bargerhuff Katelyn Crabtree
Kedron Taylor Kelly Aker  Kelsey Micucci
Kelsie Long Kierra Westmoreland
Krystan Krucki Lauren Brockman-Dominak Lauren McCullough
Lauren Parker Lindsay Pearson Lindsey Lykins
Madison Vassari
Marc Robisch Matt Kill
Megan Fitzgerald Miranda Williams
Paula Stofcho Rachel Meyer
Sam Shaw Sara Bergman
Sarah Camloh Sarah Dauerman Shauni Bobbs
Stephanie Born Theo Andrus  Toya Burns
Yessenia Carreon
*Please do all of this ASAP! Thanks!*

Alpha Phi Omega
Judiciary Board
Sergeant at Arms
Nate Freeman

Matt Mensch
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