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Special guest! Athens Beautification Day

-Started in 2005 by mens water polo team

-Wants 550 volunteers

- Date: Sunday April 29 check in at noon at scripps amphitheater, wrap up

   - Food and drink specials will be provided by Kiser’s!
   - Plant flowers, clean trash... after palmer fest :) cleaning up parks
   - Sign up- online registration: athensbday.eventbrite.com
   - Create a team and donate! Time and/or $$
   - contact info: Thomas R: tr4112006 at ohio.edu


   - First chapter of the quarter!
   - I need to see Jordin Shannon and Julie Suhr!
   - Execs: fill out your info on the google doc contact list TONIGHT!
   - Exec meetings are Mondays at 10pm in Walter 235, all are welcome to
   - Fun things! Dayton thanks us for Incredible kid day cards! H. R.
   Bartle award, Joesph Award, Celebrating our 70th Birthday!!! WOO HOO!


   - Financial Aid!
   - Email us if you need the application sent to you.
   - All applicants will be kept anonymous
   - Question of the week- Let us know of anything you feel could enhance
   the last quarter of the year!


-Grades- Please send us your CUMULATIVE GPA by week 4

   - Remember, do NOT send over list serve!!!

-Associate/Early alum- if you want to go associate or early alum please
send us an e-mail by week 4


-Dues (this chapter and next): $30

-After that its an extra $5 every week! Chapter 3, April 15, $35, Chapter
4, April 22, $40

-Checks to Alpha Phi Omega-Delta Gamma

-Have your name on the check pretty please!


-Research Expo - May 1, 2, 3

    - Sign-ups close/lock April 2
      - 2 hour shifts and get t-shirts
   - Kennedy Gallery Guard Training
   - Bird Arena Ice Show- April 14
      - 8 people
      - Sign-ups lock April 6
      - Training date/time posted on the website
   - Arts West Clothing Exchange
      - Drop off clothing to Jennifer Barstow at 74 E State or Arts West at
      132 W State
      - Drop off starts tomorrow, April 2 and ends May 4
      - 1 trash bag of clothing = 2 donation hours
   - Impact- April 12 at 4:30, http://www.prompledge-impact.org/ , 20-30
   people to help set up at the convo
   - UMC Hocking River Clean-Up. April 28, Clean the Hocking in canoes
   - Athens Beautification Day - April 29
   - MS Walk- April 21- contact Sariya meet after chapter if you want to
   help with flyering
   - Duel for the Schools
   - Phi Simga Pi, April 14 at noon on South Beach
      - Complete in scholarship, leadership, and friendship events
      - Teams of 4, $25 per team
      - 50% of proceeds go to the Athens schools for supplies, food, and
      clothes: 50% goes to winning teams charity of choice
      - Register in Baker Wednesday, Thursday or Friday from 11-3
      - Registration ends Friday April 6
   - Calliope Choir Child Care
      - Monday evenings, babysitting
   - The Good Earth Farm
      - Work Outdoors, Get Dirty
      - Donates produce to local food pantries
      - Free lunch
   - ATCO Bowling
      - Need 1 more person to commit to bowl the whole quarter, $4 every
      wednesday 5-7pm at the Rollerbowl
      - Bowling Teams

 - Gable/Barstow

- Bowman/Shannon

    - Freeman/Ruscher
      - Levine/Snyder
      - Carras/Meder
      - Horton/Carson
      - Schmitt/Bergman
      - Barwacz/????
      - Bowling starts Wednesday April 11, NOT this Wed.
   - ABH and Kennedy Guard to come... working on training dates
   - Faculty Pageant Raised $2,500, such a great turn out, thank you guys!!!
   - Turn in your sign-ins please!
   - Other Opportunities
   - Umpiring Junior High Softball games
      - Every night of the week
      - $30 behind the plate, $15 in the outfield per game
   - Athens Humane Society
      - Interview cat adoption applicants, be in charge of all cat adoptions
   - Give Kids The World Village

 - 70 acre resort complex located in Kissimee Florida, that allows
terminally ill children and their families stay for 1 week free of charge.

   - Families visit the surrounding theme parks throughout the week as well
   as enjoy the wonderful attractions within the village.
   - What We Do
   - We work 2 shifts a day, with plenty of breaks to enjoy Florida and
   theme parks
   - Duties include: Gallery of Hope, Serving Ice Cream for Breakfast,
   Dress up as characters in the Winter Wonderland Parade, Serve The Pool of
   Dreams, Driver the Breakfast Cart, Serve Lunch/Dinner in the Gingerbread
   - Information- We stay at Oak Plantations Resort five minutes away from
   GKTW, Cost $200 if we drive our own cars, it may be a little more if we
   take OU vans
   - Dates Sunday August 12th-Sunday August 19th
      - Sunday August 19th-Sunday August 26th
      - Please sign the SHEET if you are interested in going, the first
      payment is due in 2 weeks



- Mandatory event for all members, Dress is business professional, Thursday
April 5th in Morton 235 (104 for pledges), Actives arrive at 6:45, pledges

-Its nice to get your big/little a gift for making it through the
pledges process
and for your big for helping you, but its not required

-Things to look forward to this quarter

- Membership Picnic!

    - Big/Little events
      - Craziness from your lovely Membership chairs
   - Committee meeting- Tuesday at 7:30 in Baker food court, ALL committee
   must attend, sub-committees will be determined


- Please from now on send sign ins via email, its much easier for us, put
the date and event subject head

   - Weekly Fellowships- Slice Night, Wing Night, Movies
      - Slice night this week!
   - APO Gear- Tshirts vs Pennies or both? Paddles?
   - Field day aka Color wars- need a date!
   - “Spring Fling”/Membership picnic- need a date, dance sunday night?
   Possible paper chapter
   - Survey ya’ll
   - Upcoming fellowships- Slice Night 6pm courtside, Strouds Run Day trip
   April 14th, Easter Egg Hunt date TBA, candy donations!
   - Family Heads
   - Family Heads who have not contacted us:
      - Beta, Iota, Pi, Rho, Lambda
   - Families that need new family heads:
      - Eta, Kappa, Mu, Nu
   - Family heads that are keeping their positions:
      - Epsilon, Omicron, Theta, Sigma, Zeta
   - Fellowship Committee - please meet us down front after chapter


- What is relay?

   - Why I relay?
   - Service Oppourtunities
      - Relays Spring Kick Off is tomorrow! 4-7pm on Baker’s 3rd floor,
      selling luminaries, we need 1 person each hour to chill with jenn, please
      stop by and see us and get some free food and candy!
   - Other news- Letter writing parties next week after chapter, please
   bring 5 stamps with you
   - If anyone lives on High St and would like to volunteer their house at
   HIgh Fest to use for a couple of hours let use know!
   - Committee meeting- Tuesday April 3 at 8pm in Grover W115


   - Frisbees and sunglasses (2=1 hour)
   - Walk MS Bake Sale April 11th
   - Re-set and Recycle Program
   - Committee meet me in the back right after chapter

Youth Service

   - Kids Fest!
      - Saturday April 21st
      - Shift one: 9:30-12
      - Shift two: 12-2:30
      - Be on the look out for this!
   - Box tops!
      - 10 box tops = 1 hour
      - can only happen once per quarter

- Committee meeting- next sunday before chapter at 8:30 pm


- Voting- Chelsea and Colleen, date still tentative

   - Vote on what you guys want to raise money for:
   - Kony 2012, GKTW, Athens County School district, Pure Water Access,
   Operation homefront, any other suggestions? We want you all to be excited
   and passionate about raising money for the group, so if you have any other
   ideas let us know!

-Committee meeting, Wednesday, bottom of baker by the pool tables at 7pm!


-Group picture at Initiation, please be there! You can buy one and proceeds
go to relay!

-Committee- meet upstairs outside of this room after chapter


- We got our bid for sectionals! Woo Hoo

-Nationals in Aneheim California in December 26-31! Contact me if your
interested, need at least 2 people, total cost about $900


   - PR committee, please meet me for a 5 minute meeting after chapter!
   - Need Press Release Help? Contact me!


   - Anna Bergstrom
   - first committee meeting date will be figured out via email!
   Tentatively before next chapter!)
   - BIRTHDAYS!!! Kristen Mason March 27th, Sarah Norman March 30th, Jacob
   “Buddha” Hagman March 30th, Stephanie Snyder April 4th, Tori Turk April 5th,

Happy Can

Supportive Bro


-5K for GKTW this year!

   - Nominations for Fundraising- Paige Formack

Toast Song

Carolyn Gardner
Secretary/Alpha Phi Omega Coed Service Fraternity/Chapter Delta Gamma
secretary.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com<http://secretary%2Eaphiodeltagamma@gmail.com/740.517.0606>


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