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Woods, Meredith mw418908 at ohio.edu
Tue Sep 27 18:00:43 EDT 2011

Hey guys,

This is a list of people I have for who signed up to go week one of GKTW this winter break. If your name is on here and shouldn't be or if I miss you please please please let me know ASAP.
Also, if there is anybody on this list that might be able to go week 2 please send me an email because we have a few too many people going this week and I really really don't want to have to cut people completely.

Liza Lieberman
Carly Witta
Kayleigh Bednarski
Maggie Kachmarik
Natalie Hanna
Cassie Hoose
Emily Pollack
Jamie Brown
Brenna Kowall
Brianna McTaggart
Alyssa Laturell
Allie O'Neil
Makenzie Snyder
Nikki Germano
Ellie Drake
Maria Pantuso
Mallory Jeanneret
Patricia Kaehl
Stephanie Gable
Jamie-Ann Piccola
Mallory Renner
Carly Koss
Drew Ross
Andy Schmitt
Madison Vassari
Alex Kairys
Chelsea Arnold
Michael Mulig
JP Zakrajsek
Kristen Penkrot
Lauren Elliot
Nikcole Petkov
Jackie Walsh
Kristen Mason

Just a reminder that I am going to be collecting the first $50 installment (of the total $200) next Sunday at chapter. If I don't receive this money from you then I am taking your name off the list and opening it up to somebody else.
If for some reason you can't pay me the $50 this Sunday (because you are waiting on a paycheck or something) but you are 100% coming on the trip then email and let me know and we will work something out.

Hope you have an awesome week! :)
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