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Heyyy broooos,
Well good news and bad news. The good news is we got a soccer team! The bad news is we waited in line for an hour and a half and there were only three spots left for co-ed... competitive or rec.

Sooo we are playing on Mondays at 5:30, co-ed recreational. (non-competitive) The games are only 45 minutes.

I know this could conflict with some of your schedules but if you think you could make half the game or even every other game please STILL SIGN UP!! It'll be nice to have all the subs possible plus its freeeeee. Everyone loves free things!!!

Okay so our "team color" is green.. idk if this means wear green or what. But I know we all have our relay shirts just incase. You can wear cleats or gym shoes. I heard it can be slippery so cleats might be preferred.

To register for the team go to www.imleagues.com<http://www.imleagues.com>, sign up for an account, enter your information with your SCHOOL EMAIL, then join school 'ohio university'...
After you register, login and go to ohio university.. find our sport (recreational co-ed soccer), find our name "team spark" (thanks to meredith, it was either that or meow-heads) and request to join the team.

I think our first game is next Monday but we have a captain meeting on Thursday so I will let you know. Please register ASAP!! I think you HAVE to be registered by next Monday but pleeease do it sooner. If you have any questions just get ahold of me.

Emily Bowman
eb112807 at ohio.edu
937 409 4475
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