[Aphio-L] Relay for Life Elections - PLEASE READ!

Lowell Berg ombudsmen.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 21:23:27 EDT 2011

Hi everyone!

As JP mentioned during chapter Sunday night, one of our big focuses this
quarter and next quarter is going to be election reform. Lowell and I, with
the help of some of the other executive members, have come up with a bit of
a new election process that we'd like to test out with Relay elections. The
goal of these changes is to make elections more fair for everyone involved,
especially the candidates. No one wants to run for a position if they are
going to end up feeling attacked in the process. If it works, great! We'll
make modifications and use it winter quarter. If not, we'll scrap the idea
and as a chapter, we will figure something else out! Basically this is how
it works:

   - Nominations work the same way. Brothers are nominated, someone has to
   second the nomination, and the person has to accept. The brother still
   prepares a speech to give in front of chapter, and still fields questions
   from the current chair and/or other brothers.
   - In prior years, members could send any pros/cons they had before actual
   elections to the ombudsmen account. This is still the same, EXCEPT you must
   send it from your own email account. Using the anonymous account, though
   good in theory, can lead to people making claims that aren't true and that
   we can't verify before bringing them up. Remember that ANYTHING you send to
   the ombudsmen account remains anonymous: your concern would be read by us
   without your name or anything else that could lead to you being identified.
   This way if someone brings something up that is rather controversial, we can
   check with the person before bringing it up to the whole chapter.
   - You'll remember that previously, the brother was then asked to leave
   the room so pros and cons could be given about the brother. Everyone was
   asked to not repeat pros and cons to the candidate, and we all know that
   never happened. To combat the behind-the-back nature of this, the candidate
   will now have the option to stay in the room to respond to any criticism, or
   to leave the room in case they don't want to hear it.
   - Pros and cons will still go on as before, whether the candidate stays
   in the room or doesn't. If you have a pro/con to say, you can either just
   say it with the candidate there, or IM/Facebook chat Lowell or I (we're
   going to work out the details on that and let you know this Sunday for
   sure). Anything sent to us remains confidential, but your point is still

I know this might not make sense right now (I learn things by actually going
through them, so it's muddy to me as to how it will all work out), but
please know that the goal of every change we've made is to make people feel
more comfortable with running for positions and to avoid people feeling
attacked while still making sure valid concerns are still addressed. As
always, we are very open to suggestions as to how to make this the best
possible process for all involved.

So, we will not be electing Relay next week (since we have to leave time for
pros/cons to be sent to us), but nominations will still take place!
Elections for the position will be the week after. If you have any questions
regarding the position, please feel free to contact the Relay chairs or JP!!

Beth Brink

ombudsmen.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com

Beth Brink
(937) 536-6029

Lowell Berg
(914) 400-7712
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