Delta Gamma Rush rush.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 13:29:32 EDT 2011

Hola amigos!!!

Rush shirts are ready and are available to pick up at my dorm!

I am cashing the checks for the shirts (finally). I know how tight
funds can be around textbook time, so if you are on this list and
don't want me to cash your check til next payday or something I would
be willing to wait!
Cleo Stoll
Rachael Meyer
Mama Gebhardt
Clasey Walters
Kathryn Lathrop
Sarah Meyerhoefer
Hali Milivojevic
Marisa Campbell
Sariya Winters
Ashley Mullins
Brianna Nadsady
Lauren McCullough
Victoria Calderon

Thanks guys!

Chelsea Wylie
Alpha Phi Omega
Rush and Recruitment Chair
rush.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com

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