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                                Alpha Phi Omega - DG

                                Chapter 8pm

                                Morton 201

Speaker Red Cross

·         Sign up for blood drive on November 2

·         Grover 10-3 mon -fri


   - ·         Wednesday from 12-1pm in Baker 312.

   - ·         Call or text me if you cant find it or want to schedule
   another time.


   - ·         Thank you all SO MUCH for your suggestions. Brianna sent out
   the spoken ones to the executive board, and we are finishing sorting the
   ones from the suggestion box to give to the relevant positions as well.

   - ·         We were so happy to get so much constructive feedback
   from everyone and we encourage you all to keep sending it our way!

   - ·         Because we had so many suggestions last week, we don't have
   a question of the week for the suggestion box. Feel free to email/call/text
   us with anything you would have put in the box though!

   - ·         Consider- When tabling at Baker, please make sure you act in
   accordance with their rules. Be enthusiastic (yay!!!) but if a Baker
   employee asks you to do something, please listen to them!

   - ·         Apparently Baker has been having problems with us lately
   while we've been tabling. We don't want to lose our ability to table at
   Baker, and this could happen if we don't obey their rules.


·         History night

§  November 6th in Walter 135!

§  That’s next Sunday!

§  Pledges must wear business casual

§  Actives can wear anything

§  This is *mandatory* for all actives!!

·         Thanksgiving dinner

§  Thursday November 10 @ 6:30 pm

§  Location: UMC (where big little  was)

§  Theta Rho – salad and rolls

§  Eta – trash bag silverware and napkins

§  Pi Beta - desserts

§  Iota -sweet potatoes

§  Mu -vegan dish

§  Nu- corn

§  Epsilon -green beans


§  Lambda - stuffing

§  Kappa -drinks

§  Zeta -cranberry sauce

§  Let membership know if you ARENT on website and you WANT TO GO

§  Ticket/price = can of food! = help out the pledges

§  Need people to cook turkeys

§  Clean up after thanksgiving dinner = 1 SERVICE HOUR!!

·         Adopt a little

§  Need a new name, if you have suggestion for a name, let them know

§  Send a sign in if you need a big and put family

§  Needed for big little gigs

·         Lotridge food and clothing drive

§  Nov 1 3 7 & 9

§  4:30-7pm

§  SPECIFICS = personal care, school supplies, Advil/Tylenol, can goods,


·         Facebook event day to day

·         Saturday:

§  Kick CF! Kickball tournament

§  -10:30am registration

§  Habitat 5K Run For Cover

§  -12-1pm

§  Kick-off event/Fellowship/ Bro-bonding :)

§  97 n congress at Katie’s sign by Thursday night

§  -3:30- 4:30pm

·         Sunday:

§  Integration Acres

§  12-4

§   This farm does a lot of work with the Paw Paw, and they also make their
own cheese!

§  Put if you can drive when you sign up

§  Healthy Facts flyering around campus 5-7 pm

§  We will need flyering to be done in buildings across campus.

·         Monday:

§  Health Fair

§  2-4pm set up

§   4-8pm work fair

§   8-9pm clean up

§  Will take place at the Athens Community Center on East State, student
athletes, Rufus. Brick City Dance Crew and about 20 booths will be there!

§  Monday Lunch

§   9am-2pm

·         Tuesday:

§  Working at Community Food Initiatives  (*check their website to learn

§   1-5pm

§  Planting an Orchard!

§  Vegan Cooking

§  7pm to cook, 9pm to eat ($3 donationss)

§  You will learn how to cook tasty vegan meals! And Eat it too!

·         Wednesday:

§  Nutrition Speakers

§  2-4pm Morton 115

§   Informative presentations on basic nutrition facts that everyone might
not know!

§  Integration Acres

§  4-6pm

·         Thursday:

§  Community Food Initiatives

§  1-4pm

·         Friday:

§  Amesville Elementary Playground

§  2:30-4:30pm

§  We will be doing an overhaul of the Amesville Elementary     playground,
paining their blacktop, equipment etc and making it a fun place to
encourage physical activity and play

§  Ray of Hope Donations

§  Due by 5pm

·         Saturday:

§  Amesville Elementary Playground

§  1:30-3:30pm

§  Meet at Morton 30 min before to arrange rides

§  Good Earth Farms


·         Santa Tree.

§  we have a family with 9 kids!

§  we've raised $127.97

§  change wars will run through the end of the quarter, and the winning
family will be announced at the beginning of* winter* quarter.

§  What family wins gets donations hour

·         Hallow-Haunt

§  hours have been updated.

§  sign-in from Saturday set-up?

·         Serving at Red Brick!

§  5-8pm

§  come eat dinner!

§  tips go to our family!!!

·         FLL regional tournament

§  December 16-17

§  OU-Chillicothe branch

§  Drive down Friday afternoon, leave Saturday Evening

§  Maybe free housing at a hotel!!! Free food! Whoop whoop

§  5 spots open


·         Of the week

§  Black out Peden!!

§  When?Wednesday Nov. 2nd @ 6

§  Where? Meet at the Bobcat Student park

§  if we get at least 50 bros then Lowell will get us our own tent at the
tailgate!! We're at 36 right now so sign up!

§  If you want a shirt, place it in the comment box when you sign up

·         More fellowship

§  *Nightmare Before Christmas Movie!*

§  When? Tomorrow  HALLOWEEEEENN!!!@ 7:30

§  Where? TBA we have to book a room tomorrow or it will be at someone’s

§  Bring snacks to share!

§  *Slice Night!*

§  When? Wednesday @ 5:30-7:30

§  -New weekly event so we can all get to know each other a little more :)

·         Missing sign ins for

§  Beta Lion King 9-16

§  Beta family Slice Night 10-5-11

§  Sigma Fun Barn 10-9-11

§  Omicron Slice Night 10-12-11

§  Sigma Slice Night 10-12-11

§  Lambda Slice Night 10-19-11

§  Sigma J-Shore party 10-20-11


·         Hot chocolate sale

§  Thursday... but we need something to store it in! Please contact us ASAP
if you have a LARGE jug that we could use – can rent one in baker

·         In the works:

§  Mary Kay fundraiser

§  $5 of each purchased item goes to APhiO

·         Email updates coming


·         Interested in running for historian?

·         The historian:

§  collects and archives photos/documents

§  assembles a scrapbook

§  maintains/updates the Facebook page

§  creates slideshows/videos for main events

§  collects and tracks important chapter developments

§  keeps track of the chapter's administrative history

§  picks photo of the week

§  is in charge of the senior send-off ceremony

§  designs a senior send-off yearbook

§  will help put together the second annual Awards Banquet

·         If interested

§  Request to be on historian committee winter quarter

§  Email the historian account and we'll find a time/place to meet and talk
about it in more detail!

·         It's generally less time consuming than other positions, but
equally as important and fulfilling!


·         PRE-RUSH NOVEMBER 6th

§  5-6pm in Morton 237


·         Theme is…. ACTIVE FOR ATCO!

·         The 5k will be taking place on...

§  Saturday, March 3rd 2012 @ Ping!


§  Brother of the week- Colleen Meder

§  Check out her full article on APhiO facebook page!


·         Pledge Social Donations

§  Things like pop, snacks, bowls, plates,etc...

§  Due by 11/3 to Stacy Boesch

§  Yay for bros helping bros!

·         UCM Benefit Bash at Athens Community Center

§  Saturday, 11/5 6-10 PM (different times for different things)

§  Volunteers needed for childcare, clean up, serving, manage/run silence
auction, etc.

§  Check the website for more info!

·         OU/Athens Ex-phys food drive

§  Food Drive Event Help

§  Friday 11/4 12- 6 PM shifts (2 hours shifts)

§  Need volunteers to be Drivers, Unloaders, Organizers of canned goods!

§  Sign up on website!

§  Can Food Donations

§  4 cans = 1 hour

§  Due by 11/3 to Steph or Sarah!

·         Kick CF

§  Saturday November  5

§  Check in at 10:30am

§  Service hour if you get more than 5 other non APO people to sign up

§  Tabling = MTRF 10-3

§  Sign ups day of tournament!!


·         Happy birthday to:

·         October 30- Dani Garfield

·         October 30 - Melissa Papic

·         November 1 – Claire Stegman

·         November 2 – Anga Welo

·         November 2 - Sarah Csongei

 Happy Halloween :)

 ..and week 9!

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