[Aphio-L] ATTN PLEDGES go get your fundraising hour!

FUNdraising Girls fundraising.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 00:59:23 EDT 2011

Please note the plethora of fundraising events on the website. If you need
your fundraising hour, now would be the time to do it!
& If you see your wonderful pledge fundraising co-chairs Paula Stofcho &
Krystan Krucki, tell them thanks and that they're awesome for working hard
to make your pledge class lots of $$$. They're doing a wonderful job!

Allison & Sariya
*Fundraising Co-Chairs*
Alpha Phi Omega, Delta Gamma
-Allison Hartman
ah199307 at ohio.edu
-Sariya Winters
sw195908 at ohio.edu
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