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What up bros! First off the scavenger hunt is tomorrow! so sign up, maybe
there will be a sweet price for the winning team.. Eh? Eh?
Second, there is a new fellowship event on the website on Saturday. A couple
bros have approached us about doing a shopping trip at Easton Mall on
Saturday so sign up if you are interested and make sure you put if you can
drive. Also we are working on trying to find a corn maze or haunted house on
the way back but either way we should be back around 8ish for your weekend
Third, We have been in contact with OSU's chapter and they have extended and
invite for us to go to a Blue Jackets game with them on November 3rd. They
said they can get cheaper tickets through their student union (not sure on
exact price) But they need to know asap who is interested. So I have put up
an interest sign up online, if you are interested sign up! We will talk to
their fellowship chair on Sunday and let them know who all in interested and
how much the tickets are.
Fourth, Skyzone....yes this quarter long fellowship event we have been
trying to get together lol We have extended the invite to OSU's chapter to
come with us. We are hoping for November 10th, Its a Thursday night so the
price will be $6 and we can have as many people as we want so the Sign ups
will open back up once the party coordinator calls us back. We will let you
guys know ASAP :)


*Liza Lieberman*
*ll311408 at ohio.edu* <ll311408 at ohio.edu>

*Cody Romani *
*cr137309 at ohio.edu*


*VP of Fellowship*
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