[Aphio-L] Sad.... But then Happy News :)

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I came down for Homecoming and I thought you did a great job on the float.  While winning an award would have been great, the efforts that went into getting the float done, the fellowship that must have been enjoyed, and just participating in the effort are all worthy of recognition and celebration.  Great job brothers...


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What up bros, So I just received and email from the homecoming chair and sadly we didn't place :( First place was Arts for Ohio, 2nd Passion works, 3rd Athens County Junior Fair Past king and queen. But god knows we tried!!!! Again we want to thank everyone who came out for their support and effort towards the float, we had a blast bonding with everyone last week!

On a more happy note... Scavenger-hunt is this week! Thursday 6:45 Sign up its gonna be a blast!
That is all :)


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Cody Romani 
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