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Hey guys we just need to clarify a couple of things. Float building will
take place starting tomorrow from 6-10, Tuesday 6-10 and Wednesday 5-Done.
You get up to 2 service hours for coming and helping out (we really need it)
and any additional hours will count towards fellowship. There is not going
to be sign ups online due to the fact that we don't know which people want
service hours and fellowship hours. So at the building site (6 church st) we
will have a sign in where you guys can specify where you would like your
hours to go. :)
Many people have asked about our sweatshirts; rush order tees told us they
will be shipping our order today and they will get here by Friday. So when
they do arrive we will let you guys know and schedule pick up times!

Also scavengerhunt sign up is online! sign up so we can make it better than
last year! I (cody) have all of the old pictures from last years and I will
try to put them in a video and post it on the Facebook page so everyone can
have a laugh or two :)  This is gonna be a great week guys and we cant wait
to see all of you helping out at the float so we get first place!!!


*Liza Lieberman*
*ll311408 at ohio.edu* <ll311408 at ohio.edu>

*Cody Romani *
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*VP of Fellowship*
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