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Wed Oct 5 15:07:04 EDT 2011

*Hey bros,
I know that we're not supposed to send non-Aphio related e-mails over
listserv but this is my last resort. I am missing a white 3 ring binder with
Learning Communities material inside of it. It's super important to me and
it has reimbursement forms in it and everything. If anyone came across is at
chapter please let me know! I think I may have left it there.

*Sariya Winters*
*Ohio University*
*Scripps College of Communication*
*Alpha Phi Omega- Delta Gamma*
*National Co-Ed Service Fraternity*
*Fundraising Co-Chair*
*Lambda Pi Eta- Beta Mu*
*National Communication Honors Fraternity*
*Social Co-Chair*
*sariya0890 at gmail.com*
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