[Aphio-L] Sweatshirt $$$$$

Fellowship Chairs fellowship.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
Sat Oct 1 20:27:00 EDT 2011

Hey guys! So far we have only collected 6 peoples money for sweatshirts out
of the 116 that are ordering them.. :( Please Please Please remember to
bring your $18 to chapter tomorrow, This will be your last chance to turn in
your money since we are in such a time crunch. If there is some sort of
conflict (because it's parents weekend) then let us know and we will work
something out for monday. See you all tomorrow!!!


*Liza Lieberman*
*ll311408 at ohio.edu* <ll311408 at ohio.edu>

*Cody Romani *
*cr137309 at ohio.edu*


*VP of Fellowship*
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