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Tue Nov 1 00:34:56 EDT 2011

Hey bros. If you are on this list I have you as not receiving a rush shirt,
however I know a lot of you did. If you are on this list and received as
shirt don't answer. If you are on this list and HAVEN'T RECEIVED A SHIRT
YET EMAIL ME! I was shorted at least one shirt so I need to know for
reordering purposes. Thanks!

3.       Alyssa Logsdon

5.       Brooke Jones

11.   Hannah Southern

19.   McKenzie Hood

21.   Megan Gerlach

22.   Nicole Petkov

23.   Olivia Biello

24.   Olivia Pokas

27.   Victoria Calderon


3.       Claire Stegman

6.       Jessica Prentis

18.   Hannah Kulka

1.       Brianna Kozar


10.   Bridget VanDenHaute

12.   Alyssa Laturell


Chelsea Wylie
Alpha Phi Omega
Rush and Recruitment Chair
rush.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
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