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This will be the last email we send out explaining relay hours:* *

*You need two hours from relay*. (Letter writing counts,working smash a car,
anything related to relay).
The benefit concert is a fellowship hour, not a relay hour.

*You can get hours at the relay event*, but you must sign up for a job
online. *If you show up to relay without signing up online, you wont get
your hours.*
*The only spots open are: 3-7 a.m. walking. *
*We told everyone, every chapter that there was limited hours at relay and
that they should try to get one hour in outside the night of relay. We also
sent an email out when the slots were put up onto the website. The spots
filled fast. Its frustrating for us, when we get emails this week asking us
to accommodate people's schedules, when we have warned people throughout the
entire quarter about what is going on. That being said, what should we do? *
*This is your last chance and unless all the spots are filled online, we
will not be opening up anymore relay spots the day of relay:*
*At 9 p.m. tonight, we are adding three more spots to each walking hour at
*For those of you whom have signed up for the early morning walking hours,
Thank you!!! It really is the most fun part of relay. *
*Remember: Our team needs someone walking at all times, so come walk with
Andy Schmitt at 4 a.m.*
For those of you whom havent stayed informed, for the future heres what you
can do:

1*. Read the minutes if you miss chapter, they have all the information we

Thank you everybody for helping out with relay and we are excited to see
everyone there. Come hang out all nigh with us, it is really fun:

Luminary Ceremony is at 9 p.m. and its amazing and Miss Relay is at 11 p.m.
(which we still need one).
You can come to relay and just chill and have fun with your brothers, it
doesnt always have to be about hours.

Also, everyone gets a shirt. The catch: if you didnt put your size online,
then you get a medium, so at relay, go find the shirt people and get yours,
they are really cool.

Cheerio and LFS,

Relay for Life Chairs
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