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 Okay guys,
    Somehow the powers that be fell into place and I found sound equipment
so the benefit concert is a go!
Attached are the tickets that you can bring in from 6-9pm and 10% of your
purchase goes to Relay! Please print them off and drag yourself and your

Just to get you all excited for the actual concert that will last from 7-10,
here is the link to Colzie's video for "Get That", which I think is legit.
So come and you can hear him rap! Yayy!

Seriously though, please come guys, you can get a fellowship hour and I will
love you :) I did offer hugs and as Anna stated, I am not a hugger so we are
talking some serious gratitude! Feel free to call/text mee if you have any

Hope to see you all there!

Katie Hawkins

Jonathan Zakrajsek
Alpha Phi Omega, Delta Gamma
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