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Enjoy the sun Bros !

Alpha Phi Omega - Delta Gamma
Ohio University
May 8 Chapter Minutes
Morton 201
                    W E L C O M E  =)

   - FACE candidates speak
      - Matt-pres
      - want students say in budget & spending
      - Matt will drop his presidential scholarship to help others
      - voteface.com
      - vote on may 18
   - www.coursehero.com/knowledgedrive/ohio-jennifer-b
      - upload documents for classes and studyguides
      - every time you upload, a child in Africa gets a book
   - Summer service - Morgan
      - in Columbus
      - bike tour from Athens to Columbus & back
      - 100% money raised goes to James cancer center in Columbus
      - rely on 1700 volunteers with checkpoints and opening ceremonies
      - more info in e-mail

    sydney= designer shades?
    come to Dr. LaGraff, Biddinger & Moser’s office on Friday May 13 199
columbus rd

   - Round table: Wednesday 8:00pm Location TBA
         - look out for email with location
         - please come and please be respectful
      - Discussing making families equal.
      - Please fill out the survey I sent out so we can get your feedback
      - Please still come!
      - Remember to be respectful and think of what is best for the
      fraternity as a whole!!!


   - What would you like to see as a fellowship of the week in the remainder
   of the quarter?
   - Service
      - Please remember that we are all representing Alpha Phi Omega when we
      are at service/fundraising events. Bros who are

   - texting, whining, not doing anything
   - do NOT drink in your letters, please

   - while at a service event make us ALL look bad!


   - Why I Relay = Beth Brink
      - The smallest amount of money, goes a long way!
      - Relay for yourself!

   - 5 days til Relay! SIGN UP if you haven’t already
      - job slots and times are on the website

$120 for car smash!

   - Fundraising after Relay

   - Weekly letter writing parties
   - Finals week try to have another Car Smashing
   - try another Drag Show
      - Relay Auction
         - Ends After Chapter
         - Put Information Down on Paper if you offered a service and if you
         bid on a         service
         - Neat Things:
         - Drive to the movie theater and ticker- $5
         - Hour of stimulating conversation with as many sarcastic comments-
         - Red Brick $25 dollar gift care- $17
         - Photo Shoot- $5
         - Caricature- $5
         - Tortellini soup- $5
         - and Much M0re so bid!

-lumary is at 9pm on friday night
    -miss relay at 11, guy still needed
    -6-9 this thursday bring apo ticket and 10% goes to Relay 7-10 cole-z
        rappa. need sound equipment, e-mail

   - Chair Volley Ball Tournament!!
      - Free t-shirt!!

   - Friday, May 13th
   - 8:45 AM - 11:30 AM
   - Athens Community Center
      - Ray of Hope

   - Donations due by  or BEFORE Friday at 4:00PM to Sarah! Not Steph this
   week because she will be en route to Cleveland
   - Remember to leave your name in/on the bag!
   - Calliope Child Care Watch

   - Friday, May 20th
      - 5:15 - 8:30
   - Saturday, May 21st
      - 4:45 - 9:30
   - Sunday, May 22nd
      - 2:15 - 6:30

All of these times are at Arts West (132 W. State near the cemetery!)


   - It's week 7, so make sure you're getting your hours done!
   - Only 4 of your hours can come from Relay
   - Max of 4 donation hours
   - Also please contact the service account about service things, rather
   than our personal email accounts
   - drug/alcohol survey
      - if you missed before chapter, you can still do it and get an hour!
      - got o baker 355


   - Picnic May 22 1-3 @ Strouds

   - Don't forget to sign up on the website by TONIGHT!
   - We need these items:
      - Cornhole sets
      - Frisbees, footballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, etc.
      - Water balloons/water guns/Slip-n-Slide?
      - Apples to Apples
      - Karaoke/Music?
      - Anything else you guys think would be fun
   - We will send out an email this week about what food/items families need
   to bring!
   - sign ups on website if you have any of the fun items
   - Binders
      - Dont forget to send in your picture!! By TONIGHT!
      - WARNING: Not sending in your picture means we will be pulling them
      off facebook.
      - Please make it easier for us and send them in!
      - only have 114 right now


   - Of the week
      - Zumba!!

   - Wednesday 4:25-5:25
   - Meet right inside by the rock wall after you swipe in
   - Be there by 4:20
      - Indoor soccer

   - Tomorrow (Monday, May 9)
   - Ping, Area A
   - 5:30pm
   - Be there by 5:15 with your StudentID
   - need a boy signed up BEFORE 2pm TOMORROW
      - Scavenger Hunt
         - (Next week)Wednesday, 7-9pm

   - Meet by the statue on College green
   - Sign-ups are online now so that we can get an idea of how many people
   want to attend
   - up to 6 people on team (put team on sign up)
   - each team needs a camera
   - winner announced at award ceremony on May 31
      - Tag is still going on!
      - We are docking fellowship hours

   - Have not done recently, but it is written in the constitution
   - Too many people not attending events that they are signing up for
   - base activities on numbers, so it is important that you go
   - Thank you for understanding!!\


   - miss more than 3 can make 1 up at exec or round table
   - keep in mind hours on website


   - elections next week, think about it!

   - Health & wellness
      - If you signed up, please try to go 30 minutes early--even if you're
      10 minutes early it will help!
      - When you sign  in, just write down when you arrived.  Please be
      honest! I will change your hours accordingly.

    West elementary carnival


   - 4 new spots for water balloons
      - Make sure you arrange rides with people who have said they can drive


   - 1.) Thursday (tentative) Freeze Pop Sale from 12-4 in Baker (more info
   will be provided when we find out when we can get a table)
   - 2.) Saturday: Mill Fest Hot Dog Sale or maybe bake sale (doatnions)

*Shifts will be from 2-6

*Donations: we ONLY need 5 packs of hot dogs and 5 packs of buns!

* WE NEED A HOUSE!! If you're willing to donate your house, we'll give you
your                 fundraising hour!

   - 3.) Sunday: Mill Fest Trash4Cash
   - there were 20 spots that werent filled this week, there will also be
   about 50 spots all this week
   - please drop off donations at the begining NOT the end of events
   - raised about $300 with sunglasses and $100 past weekend!


   - T-shirts
      - Final t-shirt prices:
      - Regular: 10$
      - V-neck: 15$
   - If you want to change to a regular shirt, PLEASE email
   rush.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
   - Money collecting times:

   -Tuesday: 12-5                             Front Room
         -Wednesday: 3-6                Front Room
          -Thursday: 12-5                  Front Room

   - if you want to be on interview committee, think about it, happening
   - pre-rush flyers available to hand out (in dorms or house)


   - goodbye messages for seniors
      - Record a message for your favorite seniors--these will be shown
      during Senior Send-off on May 31st.

   - Before and after chapter
      - May 15th
      - May 22nd
   - Membership picnic
   - Various dates & times between May 23rd and 27th


   - Bro of week = Amanda Puckett
      - Check her out on APhiO Facebook page


   - Happy birthday to :
      - May 9 = Sariya Winters
      - May 11 = Courtney Ivan
      - May 14 = Jessica Diamond


   - supportive bro, Michelle Varney- TOTALLY set up Easter egg hunt, props!

   - letter writing DO NOT WRITE TO COMPANIES OR PEOPLE HERE-- we will dock
   you hours
   - 730 south pole Ghanna fest McDavis will be there for a speak

Brianna McTaggart
Secretary/Alpha Phi Omega Coed Service Fraternity/Chapter Delta Gamma
secretary.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com<http://secretary%2Eaphiodeltagamma@gmail.com/740.517.0606>


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