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Another great opportunity for service bros!

Here is another volunteer opportunity for you graduating seniors who are
just unsure what they want to do! It is with americorps so check it out if

I got this as a Facebook message...

Hi Ashleigh, I was referred to you from Stephanie Mueller. Hope you're doing
alright! I currently work as an AmeriCorps VISTA for UGIVE.ORG and they're
looking for a college graduate, or soon to be college graduate to be a Youth
Service Coordinator for their program. This week is their last week for
interviews and I thought I'd reach out to Alpha Phi Omega, because of the
brothers' love for service. It's a great opportunity for students looking
for their first job out of college!

Since it's a VISTA program, it's an administrative position. It's 40 hours a
week in Akron, Ohio, connecting high school students to volunteer
opportunities. The program starts in June and they get to spend the summer
in Cincinnati for training. If you know of anyone who has a connection to
the students of Alpha Phi Omega, or if you could pass this information
along, I would love to give students the same wonderful opportunity I've had
this past year.

The main website is www.ugive.org and they can also visit AmeriCorps.gov for
more position information.

Thanks Ashleigh!
*UGive - Youth Volunteer Opportunities <http://www.ugive.org/>*

Ashleigh Lawrence Stewart
Section 59 Chair :)

Jonathan Zakrajsek
Alpha Phi Omega, Delta Gamma
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