[Aphio-L] Buyback!

Lin, Ga-Jen gl218007 at ohio.edu
Wed Mar 16 17:00:07 EDT 2011

Hey bros!

Thanks for all the ISBNs!!! I'm so glad I can get you all some extra cash for spring break =) For some of you I didn't get to print out the prices and make out checks in time before you brought them in so I'm really sorry that you didn't get as much as I said you would! Unlike my co-workers, I tend to round up ;) so sorry again!

HOWEVER if you haven't sent me an email or brought books in, but still want to I'll be here until 7 today and then Friday from 1-7. I will NOT be in at all tomorrow because that's when I'll be having my finals. So if you have any last minute ISBNs or want to bring books in, that's when I'll be here and like I said, I tend to round up! If you find any books while you're home over break, you can want them checked ASAP you can send an email to athensbookcenter at gmail.com and one of my co-workers can check it for you or you can wait until I'm back at work on Monday, March 28.

Other than that I hope finals are going well and happy spring break! LFS,
Jen Lin
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