[Aphio-L] need books for next quarter!?

Caronchi, Britney bc153506 at ohio.edu
Fri Mar 11 16:51:17 EST 2011

Hey Bros,
   Apparently OU got rid of the student book exchange (which makes me sad because it was awesome!). So I thought that I would see if any of my Bro's needed books for next year.

Here are the books I have. If you need any of them Email me back or call me and I will come meet you! Thanks guys!

PSC101L (Physical science)
Conceptual Physical Science; Fourth Edition
Authors: Hewitt, Suchocki & Hewitt
Selling for: $95.00
PSC101L workbook ***Never Used** (I made copies of the pages so I could sell it back)
**It helps a lot with studying!
Selling for: $20.00

**I also have detailed notes and lab manuals if someone wants them**

COMS110 (study of communication between cultures)
Difference Matters, Communicating social Identity; second edition
Author: Brenda J. Allen
Selling for: $25.00

EDCE 410 (study of relationships) ***bran new, I copied pages***
Becoming Aware; Eleventh edition
Author: Velma Walker
Selling for: $100.00

Hope this helps someone!!!
My e-mail bc153506 at ohio.edu
My cell: (216) 548-2558

Thanks again Bros! Have a good break!

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