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Hey bros!
Since we didn't have a chance for committee selection at the last chapter
last week, we're going to try doing a website sign up for your committee
choice.  If you already have your top three, go to the website and sign up
on the "Spring Quarter Committees" event under "Other Events", listing your
top 3 choices, 1-3.  If you have no clue, read on!  Here's a list of the
committees, how many people will be on them, and what you'll be expected to
do, should you be placed on that committee.  Let us know if you have any
questions!  Sign ups lock next Saturday at 10:00pm so be sure to sign up
before then, or you'll be randomly placed on a committee.  Thanks guys!
 Happy (almost) finals week!  P.S. sorry the e-mail spacing is off :(

*President*: (3)  Committee members will help President organize forms, and
hand out paper work.

*Treasurer*: (3)  Committee members will help with dues collection,
reimbursements, and budgeting.  I'm planning on having a set committee
meeting every other week, and email communications in between those times.
 I need members that are willing to be flexible and learn new things.

*Relay:* (A LOT)  Our meetings are on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. Room TBA.

PR- may have further subsub committees: In charge of advertising for Moms
weekend events, Relay in general,
Moms Weekend: Shirts sales, Chippendales, Brunch, Wine-tasting
Luminaries: Selling Luminaries
Fundraising: Sales to raise money for Relay, Contacting businesses
Survivorship Dinner: In charge of getting food and such for this

*Membership*: (50) -We want people who are motivated and have a positive
outlook, because we really want to boost morale and get people excited about
being a bro. I would also suggest that people who are struggling with
feeling involved or accepted in the fraternity join our committee. Since we
will be planning so much, it will be a good way for bros to get connected
and really feel like they're making a difference in the fraternity.

-(1-3) people who know how to use InDesign and Photoshop really well who are
willing and able to work on the binders all three quarters (Jen Lin will
help transition during spring quarter).  We will be planning the membership
cookout and other retention events, planning events for bigs and littles,
growing the families, and implementing new family heads. LOTS of planning
for Rush and the pledge process next year!

*Fellowship*: (20)  committee this spring will be used to help plan color
wars, fellowship of the week and other grand fellowship events of the

*FUNdraising*: (15)  Planning fundraising events (subcommittee heads will
head individual fundraising projects), GET MONEY. YAY!

*J-Board*: (5)  Help to begin to plan risk management workshop for next
year, risk management board

*Rush:* (20)

5= Rush T-Shirt, 5= Pre-Rush Informational meeting planning, 5=
Flyering/PR, 5= Rush Round Table. I really want people in this group who are
willing to bring about new ideas for our Rush process next quarter. These 5
people are the only ones who I guess need to be "passionate" about APhiO and
the Rush Process. I basically need people to bounce ideas off of and tell me
when I sound like an idiot.

*Historian:* (12)  Help with senior sendoff, picture of the week, scrapbook,
taking pictures, make a new video for pre-rush

*PR:* (8) they will be helping me write press releases, write articles for
the newsletter, helping with items for the facebook & twitter page, along
with working with local media

*Interchapter:* (10-15)  Helping to plan trip to regionals for the fall,
contacting other chapters about our events, planning trips to other
chapters’ events (whitewater rafting trip with osu??)

*Service Week*: (5)  Begin looking into different events/projects for
service week in the fall

*Youth Service*: (10)  Help to plan field day, National Youth Service day,
help to work more with scouting

*Awards*: (7)  Committee members will work on senior superlatives and make
sure different things are done for different award processes. The people
on the awards committee can expect to update birthday lists, award statuses,

JD Bales

Sarah Clouse

Kristen Mason

Alpha Phi Omega
Judiciary Board
Sergeant at Arms
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