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Horton, Eric eh151607 at ohio.edu
Fri Jun 3 23:17:11 EDT 2011

Hello Brothers,
    I appreciate everyone's continued support of Ava and her family and I know they appreciate it as well. I wanted to send another update of Ava's condition since the Nichols family has grown close to our hearts. Here is Traci Nichols latest facebook post:

We are getting ready to take Ava home. The scans yesterday showed that 3 out of 4 of the main arteries supplying blood to her brain are closing in & not allowing blood through. There was only 1 having problems when we came in. No doctor cant explain why this is happening. It has nothing to do with her tumor, it hasnt grown. The doctors are saying that there is nothing more that they can do to stop what is happening.

I hope that through this weekend we can continue praying for Ava and for her condition to get better. She is a strong girl and we want her to know that we support her.

Thanks and good luck with finals.
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