[Aphio-L] Volunteer to Help at Risk Management?

Laura Hopkins hopkins.laurac at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 10:14:37 EST 2011

Hey, Bros!

If you volunteered to help with the risk management workshop...this is for
you.  (If not, you can just delete this now.)
I tried to email just those involved...but I couldnt get it to send. Sorry!

Thanks SO much for signing up to help with some skits for the risk
management workshop.  We really appreciate your help!

Our committee will be meeting in Baker 233 on Tuesday (1/25) at 830 pm.
Please join us to find what you can do to help on Sunday.  Plan to stay 30
minutes to an hour (hopefully around 30 minutes though!).

Questions? Comments? Concerns?  Just shoot me an email or a text.
Happy Week 4!

Nikki Germano
(740) 707-4930
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