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Hey bros-
	Some people are worried about getting hours and want more activities so here are some other ideas if you need your second hour but can't afford stamps and have no one to write letters to, or can't attend the benefit concert:
	Get 5 People to register for the 5K (they have to write your name down on their registration form)= 1 hour
	Work a registration tabling event ( sign ups will be starting this week on the website)=1 hour
	Get 1 band/singing group to perform at the benefit concert= 1 hour

	IF none of these work for you, please please email us, we have lots of other things for you to do and we want all of you to get your hours and are happy to help you do them.

Thanks bros!
Bailey Petry
Alpha Phi Omega 5K Co-Chair
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5k.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com

Amanda McKay
Alpha Phi Omega 5K Co-Chair
Belts Breaking Bondage Member
Degree: HSSN
5k.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com

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