[Aphio-L] IMPORTANT MUST READ AND CORRECT: member list 2011

Leigha Kristoff membership.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 13:51:40 EST 2011

Hey actives we need your help!

We are sorting through binder pages and we don't know a lot of the new
actives family numbers. But *OLD ACTIVES *need to check this list as well so
we have you down for the right family when we do break down projects.

SO if you don't have a family listed, you need to do one of two things: sign
up for a family on the website: www.apoonline.org/deltagamma
do this by going to your profile>edit>add family
send us a reply email (don't send a new one, just hit reply here so we don't
have twenty different emails in the inbox) and tell us what family you are

THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT because Jen needs this info for the binders!

Happy future snow day!

Leigha and JP

Leigha Kristoff and Jonathan Zakrajsek
Membership VPs
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