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Mon Jan 3 01:05:39 EST 2011

Hey Guys!
I hope you had a wonnnnnderful break!  I missed everyone sooo much :)  Happy
1st day of classes (AH. I can't handle this)!!  Here's a couple of
reminders/favors I need to ask:
     1) APHIO PRIDE DAY this THURSDAY. Please wear an APhiO Shirt and spread
the word about rushing next week! I'd really appreciate it.  (anyone who
just ordered Rush shirts, I'll have them at chapter on Sunday)

     2) Please ask your professors' permission to write the Rush dates &
times on the board, along with "Alpha Phi Omega: Co-ed Community Service

     3) Here are the rush dates! * You need to attend ONE of the rushes. If
you can't attend either, *due to class conflict or something else, e-mail
jboard at *jboard.aphio at gmail.com* (they'll have a new one soon!)
     Formal: (business casual...NO JEANS) Monday Jan. 10th @ 8 PM in Baker
     Informal: (casual...Aphio rush shirt? eh? eh?) Tuesday Jan. 11th @ 8 PM
in Baker Ballroom

More info to follow at chapter next week, but just wanted to make you guys
aware so you can change your schedules to fit my every need :)

If you wanna help me out, have questions, or annnnnything else, feel free to
shoot me an email/facebook/text, send some smoke signals, carrier pigeons,
or call meeee.

Can't wait to see you guys!

Sarah Clouse

Alpha Phi Omega
Rush Chair
rush.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
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