[Aphio-L] HOLA!!!!! Read Me Actives!

Leigha and JP ouaphiomembership at gmail.com
Sun Jan 2 11:08:48 EST 2011

Heyyy bros!

Heads up on a few things: first, Rush starts next week! Look for details
from Sarah, and let's do this right! Second, JP and I have a new email, so
write it down somewhere: membership.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com Third: We will
be working on some membership retention this quarter, so actives, don't
think we haven't forgotten about you! We're here to take care of both you
and the pledges! Fourth: please unsubscribe from the pledge list serv new
actives! and last, and most important:

FIFTH: SEND YOUR BINDER PICTURES IN. If we don't get one, we assume you're
keeping your old one. If you don't send one in by THIS WEDSNESDAY THE 5TH OF
JANUARY we will make up a photo for you. Jen spends sooooo much of her
personal time doing this I want to make sure she's got plenty of free time
this quarter as opposed to last quarter when we virutally ate up all her
free time for the first two weeks of school.

We miss all 305 of you (yes 305!) and can't wait to be better bros to all of
you as well!

Leega and Jip

Leigha Kristoff and Jonathan Zakrajsek
Membership VPs
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