[Aphio-L] YAY for filling your inboxes with APO-related e-mails! But, this is important. READ ME!

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Sun Aug 28 23:23:39 EDT 2011

Hey Bros!
*1.* So pumped to be seeing all of your faces in a mere week or so.

*2.* FINALLY, some things are coming together that are checkout-worthy:
*a.* FAMILIES are done! YAY! The membership girls worked really hard to put
these together, and JP has listed them on the website under everyone's
profiles, so check that out.

*b.* Probationary statuses (stati?) have been finalized.  If you received an
e-mail *TONIGHT* about being on probation, those are the only people that
are on probation.  If you received one earlier in the summer, but not
tonight, the kinks have been worked out.  Those of you that still need to
send us your grades, (you got an e-mail as well) DO SO!

*c.* Finally, if you've been oblivious to all other e-mails this summer,
please check the website.  Those that were inactivated have been deleted
from the website.  So if this is the only e-mail you've received from us
tonight, and you're still on the website, you're good to go for Fall

*3.* Come hang out with Chelsea and some other execs at the Involvement Fair
on Sunday, Sept. 4th from 3:30-5:30 and get some Freshmen excited about
rushing in the Winter!!

*4. *As an added incentive to come recruit, and as a reminder, we do NOT
have chapter on Sunday, Sept. 4th.  Our first chapter meeting will be on
Sunday, Sept. 11th, time TBA (JP will send out an e-mail later next week
about this, so be on the lookout!).  * *

*5. *Beyonce is preggers! Whaaa?!! Hope you all enjoyed the VMAs :)

Hope everyone's having a great last week or so of summer!!! Let us know if
you have any questions!!

Alpha Phi Omega
Judiciary Board
Sergeant at Arms
JD Bales

Sarah Clouse

Kristen Mason
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