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Sun Apr 24 12:29:49 EDT 2011

Hey Bros!

This week on Monday and Wednesday (April 25 and 27) from 5pm-7pm at Bdubs we will be doing Fellowship! More importantly not only are you hanging out with Bros, you are also helping Bros. Jordin Shannon and my self are going to Nashville, TN to audition with our a cappella group, The Tempo Tantrums, for NBC's hit TV show the Sing-Off. This event is to help us raise money for the audition. PLEASE SIGN UP ON THE WEBSITE AND HELP SUPPORT US (and get your fellowship hour!)

If you want to see our group sing our website is, www.thetempotantrums.weebly.com<http://www.thetempotantrums.weebly.com>

Hope to see a lot of you there :)

Anna Schottenstein
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