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Hello Brothers,

Relay is only 21 Days away! Get Excited.

We have a lot going on this coming week and need to send out some reminders.
Please Read this Email:

1. T-shirt sizes are needed. Sign up for the event on April 24 and put your
t-shirt size in the comment box.
*If you dont do this you will be stuck with a medium shirt. Sign up by this
Sunday at 11 p.m.*
2. Sign up for our team on The American Cancer Society Webpage.
*We have sent plenty of messages out on how to do this.*
3. Moms Weekend is next weekend. Yay! We have t-shirt sales friday and
saturday and we really need people to work these sales.
*Sign up on the Aphio Website for t-shirt sales and get Relay Hours*
4. This Weekend Saturday night, we have Chippendales and A Drag Show.
*Chippendales will be laying Mom's in front of the court house 10 p.m.-3
*The Drag Show is 9-12 at the Union. *
*Bring your moms to both of these events*
5. Men,it is crunch time, we really need Chippendales. Badly. Please Please
Please do this, you will get service hours, and we are meeting at Meredith's
before to get dressed. This is a  humungous fundraiser for us and it is
loads of fun.
*We need to know now, who is in and who is out, sign up online if you are
for sure doing it. 8-10 p.m. is not an option anymore (sorry). Please sign
up for a shift or email us. We need to know sizes so we can get you the
outfit. All you need is black pants*

**6. Luminary Baker tabling starts May 2, all the hours are on the Aphio
Website. We need people to sell Luminaries as well so please sign up for a
*Sign up to sell Luminaries*
7. The deadline to get $100 dollar donations on the back of our shirt is
this Sunday.
*If you want a person or family honored on the back of our relay shirt and
you got a $100 donation from them, Email us before sunday.*
Sorry about the Long email, but all of this is important, especially with no
chapter this sunday. Have a Great Easter

Remember, you can get up to four hours, our of your 12 from Relay, so dont
hesitate to do more than two.

Cheerio and LFS,

Relay for Life Chairs
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