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Hey Bros -

Just some friendly reminders :

First, hooray for Beautification Day on Saturday! We need to be at the
Scripps Amphitheater at 10:30AM, but I suggest getting there earlier and
finding Steph and I so that you can sign the sign in! And get your t-shirt!

Next,  Ray of Hope Donations are due by* 5PM* tomorrow (4/15).  We have only
received donations from 2 people and there are more than 2 people signed
up.  Please get in touch with one of us to drop them off before then because
we don't want to have to dock anyone hours!

And next, we would really, really appreciate *paper* sign-ins for each
event, meaning no emails.  This will just be easier for us to have record
all quarter of each service event so that at the end of the quarter it will
be much easier to sort out any sort of confusion!  Thank you mucho.

And lastly,  just as a reminder, it is extremely important that if you sign
up for an event, that you are there the entire time.  Please do not sign up
for an event if you have to leave more than a few minutes early or have to
arrive more than like 3 minutes late. We understand if you are coming from
class to an event, but other than that you must be there the entire time.
If you cannot make the full time, please don't sign up for the event.

Okay that's all!  Hope everyone had (or is still having) a *fabulous* week 3
and we can't wait to see almost half of you at Beautification Day this
weekend! Woohoo!

Thanks bros!
Sarah & Steph

Vice Presidents of Service
Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity*
Sarah Csongei

Stephanie Bricklebank

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