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Hey hey,

Sorry for yet another email but this should be the last one for a bit.

If you signed up on the handout that went around at chapter to walk in the *MS
Walk* this Saturday (the 16th) at 10 AM at the Athens Community Center, you
must sign up for it on the website. The original paper sign up didn't make
it back to us, and we figured its easier for everyone just to sign up on the
website anyways. If you didn't sign up at chapter, but would still like to
participate, feel free to still sign up and get 2 service hours. =] They
have been working really hard to raise awareness for MS, so everyone is

If you are participating in the 5cacia run, please email us to let us know
if you haven't yet already. The run is counting as outside hours but we
still need to know who was there or else we cant give you your hours.

Like Jessica said in her email last night, the mandatory OPIE Orientation to
be a conversation partner for an international student is *tonight* at 6:30!
Sign ups for it are up on the website.

&we forgot to mention this yesterday (my bad) but Ray of Hope Donations *
MUST* be dropped off to me (Steph) or Sarah by *5 PM on Friday*. All of our
info for drop-off is on the site, including our numbers so call/text/carrier
pigeon when you'd like to drop them off to one of us (whoever is easier,
doesn't matter) or if its an emergency, and you need one of us to meet up
with you somewhere to get them, nbd. Just have them to us before 5 on Friday
at the latest.

It's soooo nice out. Enjoy the amazing weather!

Sarah & Steph.
Vice Presidents of Service
Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity*
Sarah Csongei

Stephanie Bricklebank

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