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Kellar, Jessica jk278508 at ohio.edu
Tue Apr 12 23:02:44 EDT 2011

                               Okay so at chapter I gave a brief introduction about the OPIE conversation partners.  Because Aaron, a leader of the OPIE project was not able to attend chapter because of a personal emergency he has sent me a brief description about what you (the bro) will be required to do.      Like I said it is a REALLY fun opportunity for you to be involved in to learn about not only other students on campus, but also other cultures in the world.  Like stated in the attached documents you will need to attend orientation.  It is this Wednesday April 13th at Old Nelson dining Hall at 6:30.  If you cannot attend the orientation but are still interested PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know! They need as much help as we can give them.  Aaron informed me that you will be able to fill out the application at Nelson right before orientation.  If you are able to print it off and bring it that would be awesome too.  This will be a one hour a week commitment and your OPIE conversation partner will most likely be able to meet you wherever you want .  Sign up for orientation and weekly commitments will be up on the website.  Like I said this is a GREAT opportunity and I would love for us to help this organization out.  If you have any questions at all please dont hesitate to ask.  I will find a way to answer any questions you may have.  Thanks guys!!!!!!
Have a great rest of the day!!!!

Jessica Kellar
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