[Aphio-L] Anyone a BUSL genius?

Gebhardt, Marissa mg172009 at ohio.edu
Wed Apr 6 11:52:27 EDT 2011

Hey all,

I'm taking BUSL 255 this quarter, and it's really gonna suck.  Soo, basically I was just wondering if there are any bros out there that are really good at/at least know what is going on that would like to help a brother out.  I'll bake for you, swipe you into the dining hall/market, take you out to dinner, anything!  I'll really appreciate it.  I don't want to sound desperate, I just reeeeally don't want to fail. :)

Call me/text me/e-mail me, whatever, thanksss!

Marissa Gebhardt

cell: (330) 234-0163
e-mail:  mg172009 at ohio.edu
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