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Hey bros,

If you are involved with anything having to do with ABH this quarter, you
must must must read this email. If you're not involved, then you can stop
reading now because its full of unnecessary non juicy info for you.

Here we gooo...

ABH Regular Volunteering begins tomorrow (Wednesday) from 3:30- 5 at ABH.
ABH Art Therapy also begins tomorrow starting at 4 at ABH and goes in one
hour shifts till 7.

The list we have for people doing Regular Volunteering is:
Christina Kloha

Kelsey Micucci

Dana Zurchin

Sara Beyoglides

Hannah Rutledge

Maggie St. Clair

The list for Art Therapy is:

Danielle Taylor

Nicole Yozwiak

Hilary St. Pierre

Brenna Kowall

Brianna McTaggart

Dani Garfield

***Anyone going to Art Therapy must ask for Sarah Mills when you get there.
She is in charge of the Art Therapy and will be showing you guys everything.
Also, please EMAIL US BACK with what shift(s) you are volunteering at,
example: 4-5, or 6-7.

Other: (could you please email us to let us know what ABH volunteer
opportunity youre doing and when)

Hannah Fritz

Tracy Gundy

Marissa Gebhart

Kara Leyser

If your name is not on the list for what you are planning on doing or you
are listed for doing the wrong thing (like regular volunteering when you
want to do art therapy or vice versa) you must email us back ASAP to let us

Remember ABH Volunteering and ABH Art Therapy are Quarterly Projects meaning
you MUST be there every Wednesday at this time. The patients really look
forward to us volunteering.  We've had a lot of issues in the past with
people only coming occasionally and expecting to still get their hours and
thats bad! So every Wednesday, unless you have a legitimate excuse like a
test scheduled for that time, doctor's appointment, or are sick. ALSO, you
must us know IN ADVANCE so we don't dock you hours later (which we dont want
to do!)

Going with that, we are REQUIRING weekly sign ins so every week make sure
you do a sign in and turn it in to us at the following chapter!

Now, If you signed up/want to do ABH Tutoring (Cassie Hoose, as of right
now) please email us back because all the info is different for you!

Sorry for the long email but its important!

Sarah & Steph

Vice Presidents of Service
Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity*
Sarah Csongei

Stephanie Bricklebank

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