[Aphio-L] Calling All graphic design majors (or ppl that like to design t-shirts)

Bailey Petry 5kaphio at gmail.com
Wed Nov 17 17:55:29 EST 2010

Dear fellow Bros,

	Sorry to again blow up your mailbox, but Amanda and I need your help, especially if you are a graphic design major or amazing with computers. We need some help coming up with some ideas/designs for Dad's Weekend T-shirts. Now, usually this would be a job for our AWESOME committee, but since Dad's weekend is so early in the quarter, we are hoping to get the ideas over break, so we can order the shirts ASAP when we get back. So if you can design shirts, or can just come up with witty slogans for Dad's Weekend shirts that are appropriate, please email us and let us know your brilliant ideas.

In LFS and tons of excitement for the 5k!

Bailey Petry
Alpha Phi Omega 5K Co-Chair
Belts Breaking Bondage Member 
MS Society Member
Degree: Social Work
5kaphio at gmail.com

Amanda McKay
Alpha Phi Omega 5K Co-Chair
Degree: HSSN
5kaphio at gmail.com

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