[Aphio-L] Chapter Minutes 11/14: "Whatever you are, be a good one." ~Abraham Lincoln

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Sun Nov 14 22:11:46 EST 2010

Get your minutes fix before the lull of winter break!  Congrats again new
actives & great job to Leigha and JP for an excellent fall quarter pledging
period!! Good luck with finals everyone and have fun and safe breaks! =)
in LFS, Jill

Ohio University
Alpha Phi Omega
Delta Gamma
Morton 201
November 14, 2010
Activation 6:00 pm; chapter followed

------------------------------------ Chapter

   - Welcome!
   - President: hopkins.laurac at gmail.com
      - President - Tuesdays @ 7:00PM [working on risk management workshop]
      - Treasurer - As Needed [counting money]
      - J-Board - Flexible [committee to help with transition from quarters
      to semesters]
      - Service - Via Email [need 5-10 people to enter hours on the website,
      - Youth Service - Tuesdays @ 8:00 PM [help plan youth service events,
      - Fellowship - Tuesdays @ 8:30 PM [10-15 people to help plan formal
      and fellowship of the week]
      - 5K - Mondays @ 8:30PM [letter writing parties, other fundraising]
      - Relay for Life - Thursdays @ 7:00PM [writing letters to businesses,
      - Fundraising - probably Wednesdays @ 8:00 PM [10 - 15 people setting
      up and tearing down events]
      - Historian - Committee Hours on Own Time and After Chapter [~5 people
      taking pictures/making scrapbook; mini senior sendoff during
winter quarter
      since there are a lot of seniors graduating after winter quarter]
      - Awards - Committee Hours on Own Time and After Chapter [5-6 people]
      - Public Relations - Committee Hours on Own Time [5-6 people writing
      letters for newsletter/working on facebook and twitter pages
      - Membership - Committee Hours on Own Time [30-40 people broken up
      into subcommittees]
      - Faculty Pageant -  Tuesdays after 6:00 PM
      - Interchapter Relations [handful of people needed: IR was
      fundraising-oriented this quarter, next quarter will be more outreach to
      other chapters for service and fellowship]
      - Rush: This quarter, your 5 committee hours will consist of the
         - Hour 1--meeting on January 4th (Day 2 of classes) at 8:15 in the
         Front Room
         - Hour 2--January 6th, 8pm, meet in Morton parking lot to flyer and
         chalk for Rush
         - Hour 3--January 9th, after chapter, we'll be going up to Paint
         the Wall on Richland Ave.
         - Hour 4/5--committee will be split into 4's (we'll do this at the
         meeting on the 4th) to help with before Rush, and after Rush,
on both Monday
         and Tuesday, the 10th and 11th
         - Formal Rush is Monday, January 10th at 8pm in the Baker Ballroom.
         - Informal Rush is Tuesday, January 11th at 8pm in the Baker
      - Still interested in *Interview committee*?  Email Ombudsmen account!
      <ombudsmen.aphio at gmail.com> <ombudsmen.aphio at gmail.com> (done with all
      your committee hours by the 2nd week of the quarter)
      - Elections are at the end of winter quarter so if you are wanting to
      run for a position - be on that committee!
   - Treasurer: aphiotreasurer at gmail.com
      - Beginning of quarter balance: $8014.62
      - End of quarter balance: $12,171.10
         - Still need to send in active dues for former pledges
         - Exec individual budgets:
            - *Chair- Original Budget Amount::Actual Amount Spent*
            Service- $200.00::$69.98
            Service Week- $300.00::$85.45
            Historian- $50.00::$26.99
            Awards- $50.00::$0.00
            Fellowship- $300.00::$426.98 (Over, $126.98)
            Fundraising- $25.00::$0.00
            Rush- $100.00::$139.86 (Over, $39.86)
            Interchapter Relations- $100.00::$154 (Over, $54)
            President- $700.00::$432.00
            Membership- $10,500::$8,739.10

   - Service: service.aphio at gmail.com (Kris: 440.476.2005; Gaby:
      - Athens Village:
         - older adult in the area needs help cleaning up her yard, raking
         - 3-5 people
         - Tuesday 11/16 from 12-3
      - Send in service hours & sign-ins!!!
         - Service hours by 12/5
         - Service sign ins due 12/1
      - Mr. Empower (February 3, 2011)
         - Email us with interest! Help APhiO win $100
         - 3 sections (show up in business formal, talent, swimsuit, asked
         some questions)
      - ABH sign ups – see Gaby after chapter to sign up for next quarter
         - Wednesdays 3:30 – 5
      - ATCO bowling (will hold sign ups until first week of first quarter)
      - All same weeklies except Belts Breaking Bondage
      - ATCO Bowling is done for the quarter
      - Service over break; including natls, can count for up to 4 outside
      hours for winter quarter
   - Fellowship: ouaphiofellowship at gmail.com (Jayna: 216.956.8649; Monica:
      - Did everyone get their sweatshirts?
      - SIGN-INS! We need all sign-ins to award brothers their hours!
      - Fellowship of the Week: Study tables!
         - Monday 7pm - 9pm Room 112
         - Tuesday 7pm - 9pm Room 112
      - Membership: ouaphiomembership at gmail.com (Leigha: 614.507.7959; JP:
      - Congratulations new Actives!  You did it!
      - Thanks to our wonderful committee and everyone that helped make fall
      pledging possible!!!
      - Pictures for binder:
         - You have a few options:
         - Keep the same picture, send us an email and tell us OR
         - Take a new picture today after chapter!!! (only time we are doing
         this) OR
         - Send us a picture of yoself! (before the first week of classes)
         - If we don’t have one from you we will have to find one but we are
         giving you guys the option here.
      - During ceremonies (e.g. Activation, Initiation): Silence your
      phones; try to be respectful of the ceremony! (The ceremony was only 35
      minutes long, try to be patient!) Certainly many have already
      the ceremony, but for many, it’s a new experience!
   - Interchapter Relations: interchapterrelations.aphio at gmail.com
      - Nationals yay!
      - T-shirt (APO will be in Greek letters)
         - Will be sending out times for this week (committee will be
         “around” campus) to sign up and pay for shirts
         - $15 each
         - New actives can wear our letters!
      - Great job to all who fundraised this quarter for Nationals!
   - Awards:  Noelle applied our chapter for several awards @ Nationals
   including the H. Roe Bartle Award!

   - Birthdays:
      -     Happy birthday to Chris Brantley, Monica Ruscher, Beth
      Bonistall,         and Beth Beyoglides!
      - Happy Can
      - Supportive Bro

   - Announcements
      - Banana bread (from left over bananas from smoothie bike) and service
      week shirts for pledges up front
      - Rush shirts are $13
      - Fundraiser for GKTW @ Pigskin from 6-9 pm Tuesday and Wednesday!
      - Sign-ins and money to Fundraising chairs
   - Adjourn
   - Toast Song


Alpha Phi Omega Coed Service Fraternity

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aphiosecretary at gmail.com
jc262306 at ohio.edu

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*Interchapter Relations:*
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