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Aphio Rush rushaphio1 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 1 00:15:56 EDT 2010

Hey bros!
Sorry to be annoying with all of the e-mails flooding your inbox, but I'm
gonna add this one just for good measure.

For interview committee, I need 8 people for the Winter to help with
interviewing new potential pledges.  Anyone (currently an active or a
pledge) who's not on exec board is eligible to be on interview committee.

A word of caution: you will need to put in about *10 hours* during
*week 2*to help with interviews, BUT this will take care of your
committee hours for
the quarter, ANDDDD it's super fun :)  Interviews will be on January
12th-14th from 5pm-9pm and on the 15th from 11am-3pm.  Please only consider
being on Interview Committee if you are available for a majority (if not
all) of this time.  Also, anyone who may have any interest in being the Rush
Chair for next year, this would be a good in, and give you more time to to
talk to me about it...or just to spend more time with me :)

If you're seriously interested, please send a paragraph of why you would
like to be on interview committee, and why you think you'd be good at it, to
the *ombudsmen account at ombudsmen.aphio at gmail.com*.  They will forward me
the e-mail without your name so Interview committee can be picked
anonymously, without my bias, and I'll pick 8 people based on these

Let me know if you have any questions! :)

Sarah Clouse


Alpha Phi Omega
Rush and Recruitment Chair
rushaphio1 at gmail.com
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