[Aphio-L] Need a dining room table/desk chair/medusa lamp/night stand

Leek, Angela al100006 at ohio.edu
Mon May 31 22:51:28 EDT 2010

Hey all!

I know this is kind of last minute but I thought I'd offer up some stuff for you moving into houses and such.

I have...

- a dining room table (no chairs, but nice table with four legs and such, and it can come apart for easy moving) ($15)
- one black medusa lamp (the kind with the five light bulbs on crazy-bendy things, can also come apart for easy moving) ($10)
- wooden nightstand ($5)
- desk chair on wheels ($5)

Just let me know! you can email me/facebook/call -440-823-6772.

thanks guys! Enjoy your last few days here before break.

<3Angie Leek

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