Kristoff, Leigha lk491206 at ohio.edu
Sun May 23 16:11:45 EDT 2010

 Hey brozzzz,

Hope everyone had a great weekend, congrats to Sus, Reba and Adjy for having a FANTASTIC relay, even with the rain!!

Sarah reminded you all about PRE RUSH so go!!! It's important that we show how close we are as a chapter, and that we all exert all the principles of Leadership, Friendship, and Service.

ALSO don't forget I WANT YOUR MUGSHOTS!!!! IF I DO NOT GET YOUR PICTURES THEN I WILL FIND AN EMBARASSING PIC OF YOU ON FACEBOOK. The new pledges for next year will be seeing these FACES. There are lots of you who still don't have pictures taken. GET IT DONE TONIGHT AND SEE RILEY GRAHAM OR JEN LIN!

that is all :) see everyone at prerush!

Leigha Kristoff
Red Bull SBM-Ohio University
EW Scripps School of Journalism-'11
Alpha Phi Omega-VP of Membership
Belts Breaking Bondage-President
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