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Only 2 more days til relay!!!! I hope everyone is as excited as we are about
it, and I really hope that even the people just donating for their hours,
still come and hang out! Relay is SO fun, so i definitely recommend coming
out and spending time with your brothers!

For all the people donating:
Unless we already discussed dropping items off with one of us earlier, most
of the items need to be at relay by either 5pm or 11pm.  It said on the top
of wherever you signed up, so hopefully you all looked at that :)

For all the people setting up:
Be at the fairgrounds by 1 pm! We will just be setting up our tents and
moving tables over to our area. (It shouldn't take too long)

Relay is at the Athens County Fairgrounds, which is all the way down union
past Hungry Howies, and right across from The Lucky Dog (our 21 year old
friends should know where that is!)  It isn't too bad of a walk, but I'm
sure there will be quite a few of us driving back and forth, so if you
really need a ride, don't hesitate to call and ask unless we're extremely
busy! (you can always drive down too, there's a BIG parking lot!)

Relay Itinerary:
5 pm- Relay starts!!! Opening Ceremony and Survivor Lap
9 pm- Luminary ceremony (some of your brothers organized this, so be there
to support them!)
1 am- Miss Relay! (Eric Horton will be representing our team!)
We will be doing fundraising all throughout the night and morning. (Necklace
sales, Walking Tacos and A Pancake breakfast!)

* people planning to stay all night, feel free to bring chairs and blankets!

And finally...
Relay For Life is a really amazing event that happens all over the country.
I think this event is something that everyone needs to take part in at least
once in their life.  So like I said at the beginning of this e-mail, try and
come out and support your team.  I promise you'll have a good time!!!!

****Any questions?? don't be afraid to ask! We are very busy the next 3
but don't hesitate to e-mail/call/text!



Adjin Clevenger
Becky Voress
Susan Breitenbach
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