[Aphio-L] RUNNING CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Schottenstein, Anna as262006 at ohio.edu
Tue Mar 30 23:22:20 EDT 2010

Hey Bros~

Hope everyone had an amazing spring break, Running club starts up again this Wednesday, GET EXCITED! This quarter we have decided to have the same people go to running club every week to make it more consistent for the kids.

Running club is Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3:20-4:20 and we need 3-5 people each day.

Friday is already taken by Blair Scanlon, Gaby Swisher, Jayna Papas and Leslie Godec.

Wednesday we have Nate Freeman and need at least two more people.

Mondays no one has signed up.

Also remember that this quarter we are doing a fun run with the kids so if you can't do this weekly we will have other opportunities for lots of people to help with running club!

Please Contact me or Helaina if you would like to have one of the running club spots but keep in mind it is a quarter long commitment.


Anna and Helaina
email us back at aphioyouthservice at gmail.com

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