[Aphio-L] members please read: the reason for the pageant last night!

Julie Suhr suhr at ohio.edu
Fri Mar 12 09:28:37 EST 2010

As I read the Columbus Dispatch this morning, an article popped out at 
me that reminded me why the pledge class did what they did last night 
for such a worthy cause. In addition, a quote in the article from Seth, 
age 13, who recently died from his long battle with leukemia, reminded 
me why the profs did what they did as well: 

"No one, whether you have cancer or not, should put off doing fun 
things," Seth told the audience Feb. 8 at the Abbey Theater of Dublin.

"Have fun. Act stupid. ... Make each other laugh so hard that pizza 
comes out your nose."

I indeed had a lot of fun, I'm sure pizza would have come out my nose if 
I'd been eating it during Kevin's act, and please don't get me a gift 
certificate, send that money back to St. Jude's as well. 

Great job pledge class!

Your advisor, Julie

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