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Horton, Eric eh151607 at ohio.edu
Thu Mar 4 07:51:34 EST 2010

 Hey pledges, I hope you are as excited for the 5k as I am. Try to get as many people out to it as you can and help support GoodWorks. The 5k girls and their committees are doing a great job. Just a few reminders:

  *   There are going to be a lot of emails today...each one is important.
  *   Thursday and Saturday night flyering times are still open...7:45 top of Baker Thursday, And Saturday at 6:45 at the top of baker. These hours can count as service or committee, but cannot count towards the Faculty pageant unless you have been excused from it. Email Emily to sign up. ef278708 at ohio.edu<mailto:ef278708 at ohio.edu>
  *   Also, for those of you who want to help work at the faculty pageant...we will be having a committee meeting on Saturday night at 6 p.m. We need a lot of help and there is a lot of work to be done. The meeting will be held in Clip. 194
  *   We can still use teachers....go and ask them today. Email us back with there email and we can get a lengthy description to them. Remember if you get a teacher...not only does that count as hours, but you also get to pie a pledge exec. member or membership girl in the face. So go get the teachers...today!

Keep up the good work pledges and watch for our emails.

Eric Horton
eh151607 at ohio.edu
740-243-5267 ---no texting

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