[Aphio-L] Service Project News for Pledges!!!!

Fouss, Emily ef278708 at ohio.edu
Tue Mar 2 19:04:05 EST 2010

Hello Everyone!
    Ok so here's the deal WE NEED TEACHERS!!!! We only have three teachers as of now and two of them have come from Pledge Exec Board members. It's not that hard, just shoot them an email or talk to them after class. Remeber this will give you 2 service hours!!!
    This Thursday (March 4th) we will be flyering and chalking certain classrooms on campus we're only accepting 20 people. Since I have no idea how to work the apo site...the first 20 people to email me get the spots!!! We will meet at the top floor of Baker at 7:45 sharp! We will be flyering and chalking till 9 so this will count as 1 hour for either a committee hour or a service hour. But have no fear if you cannot attend Thursday we will be having another flyer and chalking event on Saturday March 6. Yes that is the day of the 5k but we won't be meeting until 6:45 at the top of Baker. The slots are unlimited for this event just please email me so we know how many to expect! This event will also count as one hour!
    It would also be very helpful to ask the Residential Director of your dorm if you can hang up posters throughout the hall. I believe everything has to be approved by them before they can be hung up. Please email me if you have any questions about that.
    For everyone who has emailed saying you can't come...
        Any of these events listed above will count as your 2 hours towards the project. Also remember that if you get ten non APhiO people to come to the pageant that will count as your 2 hours!!

Get Excited and Spread the Word!!! If you have any question or are confussed about anything Please Please Please email Jon or Emily!!
                                                -Emily Fouss
                                                    (ef278708 at ohio.edu<mailto:ef278708 at ohio.edu>)

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